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Online Computer Articles, Ebooks and other Resources

This posting provides you free ebooks on all Computer subjects such as computer programming, computer graphics, computer networking, computational theories, Software engineering, Operating systems, Low Level programming, Computer Databases, Web developments, Compiler designing, Mainframe, SAP and ABAP, Graphic Ebooks, Artifical Intelligence, Computational Complexity, Scripting Languages, Assembly Languages, Computer Hardware and Maintenance and Computer Science General etc.
Following are the free ebooks download link pages for the above described computer subjects.
  1. Free Structured Query Language (SQL) Ebooks Download
  2. Free Smalltalk Ebooks Download
  3. Free Shell Scripting Ebooks Download
  4. Free Scheme Programming Ebooks Download
  5. Free Ruby Programming Ebooks Download
  6. Free Python Ebooks Download
  7. Free PostScript Programming Ebooks Download
  8. Free PHP Programming Ebooks Download
  9. Free Perl Programming Ebooks Download
  10. Free Pascal and Delphi Ebooks Download
  11. Free JavaScript Ebooks Download
  12. Free HTML, XHTML, DHTML Ebooks Download
  13. Free Fortran Ebooks Download
  14. Free Forth Programming Ebooks Download
  15. Free Cobol Ebooks Download
  16. Free C# Ebooks Download
  17. Free C++ Programming Ebooks Download
  18. Free C Programming Ebooks Download
  19. Free Visual Basic Ebooks Download
  20. Free Computer References Ebooks
  21. Free Parallel Computing Ebooks Download
  22. Free Operating Systems Ebooks Download
  23. Free Scientific Computing Ebooks Download
  24. Free Information Theory Ebooks Download
  25. Free Information Retrieval (IR) Ebooks Download
  26. Free Computer Programming Ebooks Download
  27. Free Computer Science Ebooks Download
  28. Free Graph Theory Ebooks Download
  29. Free Functional Programming, Haskell, ML and Caml Ebooks Download
  30. Free Database Management Systems Ebooks Download
  31. Free Computer Networks Ebooks Download
  32. Free Computational Linguistics Ebooks Download
  33. Free Computational Complexity Theory Ebooks Download
  34. Free Compiler Design / Construction Ebooks Download
  35. Free Data Structures and Algorithms Ebooks Download
  36. Free TeX and LaTeX Ebooks Download
  37. Free Computer Security Ebooks Download
  38. Free Agile and Extreme Programming Ebooks Download
  39. Free Software Engineering Ebooks Download
  40. Free Samba Ebooks Download
  41. Free Regular Expression Ebooks Download
  42. Free Palm Programming Ebooks Download
  43. Free Unified Modeling Language Ebooks Download
  44. Free Object Oriented Programming/Designing Ebooks Download
  45. Free Artificial Neural Networks Ebooks Download
  46. Free Mainframe Ebooks Download
  47. Free LDAP Ebooks Download
  48. Free Human Computer Interaction Ebooks Download
  49. Free Lisp Programming Ebooks Download
  50. Free Prolog Ebooks Download
  51. Free Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming Ebooks Download
  52. Free Computer Vision Ebooks Download
  53. Free Game Programming Ebooks Download
  54. Free Open Source Ebooks Download
  55. Free Design Patterns Ebooks Download
  56. Free ADA Ebooks Download
  57. Free RFID and Radio Ebooks Download
  58. Free Computer Architecture/Organization Ebooks Download
  59. Free Computer Hardware Ebooks Download
  60. Free Assembly and Machine Language Ebooks Download
  61. Free VHDL Ebooks Download
  62. Free Electronics Design and Programming Ebooks Download
  63. Free Cryptography Ebooks Download
  64. Free Digital Image Processing Ebooks Download
  65. Free Digital Signal Processing Ebooks Download
  66. Free Computer Graphics Ebooks Download
  67. Free Bioinformatics Ebooks Download

Online Law Articles, Ebooks and Other Resources

Law is a set of principles and rules established for the purpose of regulating the code and conduct of people or citizens around the world and are enforced through a court of law or through legal institutions.It consist of vivid varieties of various disciplines such as Contract Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Human Rights Law, Equity and Trust Law, Family Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Maritime Law, International Trade Law, Taxation Law, Immigration Law, Media Law, Environmental Law, Tort Law, Banking Law, Evidence Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Competition Law and Consumer Law, etc.
Following are the free law articles, ebooks and resources available in web.
  1. The Victim in Criminal Law and Justice
  2. Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Law and...
  3. The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survi...
  4. Business Valuation and Taxes: Procedure, Law, and ...
  5. Cyber Crime Investigations: Bridging the Gaps Betw...
  6. A Dictionary of Law
  7. Legal Research: How to Find & Understand the Law
  8. Ancient Law
  9. Lawyers in Society: An Overview
  10. Download Indian Law ebooks, Law acts, Law articles...
  11. Albanian Legal System, law articles, ebooks and ot...
  12. Afghanistan Legal System, law articles, ebooks and...

Online .Net Articles Ebooks and Other resources

In this post i wish to provide you with free ebooks on which contains tutorials such as 2.0, 3.5, VB.Net 2008, Visual Basic 6, ADO.Net, C#.Net 2008, C#.Net 2005, .Net framework 2.0, and .Net 3.5, etc.
You can download the following free ebooks from the given links.
  1. Working With Active Server Pages
  2. Real World ASP.NET Best Practices
  3. ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer's Notebook
  4. Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls For .NET Framework 3.5
  5. Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Server Control and Component Development
  6. Building a Web 2.0 Portal with ASP.NET 3.5
  7. Learning ASP.NET 3.5
  8. Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5: Step by Step
  9. ASP.NET 2.0 Cookbook
  10. Visual Basic 6 Black Book: The Only Book You'll Need on Visual Basic
  11. Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step
  12. Beginning Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition: From Novice to Professional
  13. Beginning Visual Basic .NET Databases
  14. Professional .NET Framework 2.0
  15. Beginning C# 2005 Databases: From Novice to Professional
  16. Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step
  17. Visual C# 2005 How to Program

Free ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#.Net and ADO.Net Ebooks Download

What is .Net?
Microsoft developed .Net programming language as the latest version of Visual Studio 6 with lot of enhancements. Dot Net framework is developed for the integration of applications written with ASP.Net, Vb.Net, C#.Net, etc. Dot Net Framework consists of class libraries used for programming. Various .Net Framework versions are 1.0 to 3.5. Microsoft Visual Studio include code editor for GUI programming in Vb.Net, ASP.Net, C#.Net and J#.Net, etc. Visual studio 2003 (.Net Programming Languages) onwards are Object Oriented Programming Languages. Latest Version of Visual Studio is 2008.
In this site it provides free ebooks on dotnet, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#.Net, J#.Net, etc and give you knowledge about .Net programming, C# net programming, asp net programming, vb net programming, net framework programming, net programming tutorial, c# development, custom software development and asp programming, etc.
  1. ASP.Net with C# - The Basis By Vijay Mukhi
  2. Beginning VB.NET, 2nd edition
  3. ActiveX and VBScript
  4. ActiveX Programming Unleashed by Weiying Chen
  5. An Introduction to ASP .NET using Visual Basic .NET By Peter McMahon
  6. An Introduction to ASP.NET
  7. Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication By J.D. Meier, Alex Mackman, Michael Dunner, and Srinath Vasireddy
  8. CodeNotes for .NET Edited by Gregory Brill
  9. CodeNotes for J# Edited By Gregory Brill
  10. COM and .NET Interoperability By Andrew Troelsen
  11. Dan Appleman's Developing ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 5.0
  12. Database Developer's Guide with Visual Basic 4, Second Edition By Roger Jennings
  13. Database Developer's Guide with Visual C++ 4, Second Edition By Roger Jennings & Peter Hipson
  14. 65 Tips for Migrating to Visual Studio .NET
  15. A Programmer’s Introduction to Visual Basic.NET By Craig Utley and Jonathan Morrison
  16. ASP.NET AJAX Roadmap
  17. ASP.NET Web Developer's Guide By Mesbah Ahmed, Chris Garrett, Jeremy Faircloth, and Chris Payne
  18. Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability By J.D. Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, Ashish Babbar, and Alex Mackman
  19. Inside ASP.NET Web Matrix By Alex Homer and Dave Sussman
  20. Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers
  21. Late Night ActiveX By Eric Tall and Mark Ginsburg
  22. Learning Crystal Reports for DotNet By Brian Bischof
  23. Mastering™ Visual Basic® .NET By Evangelos Petroutsos
  24. MetaData Tables by Vijay Mukhi , Akash Saraf and Sonal Mukhi
  25. Moving to ASP.NET: Web Development with VB .NET By Steve Harris and Rob Macdonald
  26. Programming the .NET Compact Framework in Visual Basic .NET by Paul Yao & David Durant
  27. Programming VB.NET - A Guide For Experienced Programmers By Gary Cornell
  28. Proxy in VB
  29. Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours By Greg M. Perry
  30. Special Edition Using Microsoft Visual InterDev
  31. Special Edition Using Microsoft® Visual Studio for Enterprise Development
  32. Teach Yourself ActiveX in 21 Days By Sanders Kaufman, Jeff Perkins and Dina Fleet
  33. Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days by Keith Brophy, Timothy Koets
  34. Teach Yourself Visual J++ in 21 Days by Laura Lemay, David Olhasso, Charles Perkins, and Patrick Winters
  35. Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  36. VBScript UNLEASHED By Petroutsos, Schongar, et al.
  37. Visual Basic .NET For Object-Oriented Programmers
  38. Visual Basic 6 Black Book By Steven Holzner
  39. WebSphere and .Net Interoperability Using Web Services
  40. WebSphere MQ Solutions in a Microsoft .NET Environment
  41. XML Web Services and Soap By Vijay Mukhi, Vikram Ramchand and Sonal Mukhi